Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bronzer and PhotoReady Reviews

Revlon PhotoReady Powder $12
Overview: This product goes along with the PhotoReady liquid foundation I reviewed previously. The only thing this powder seemed to do was take away shine. It had no coverage. For twelve bucks, it isn't worth it.
Pros: matte finish, cute package
Cons: no coverage, the product loosens easily and ends up all over the inside, too expensive

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Veil $14
Overview: Don't buy this product, period. I couldn't even get the bronzer to come out of the brush. I don't know if I'm stupid or what but I played around with this thing for about five minutes and all I figure out was how to put the lid back on and get the powder out. To put the cap back on without messing up the brush, you pull the base up first. There is a dial near the brush where you turn it to choose how much powder comes out. Nothing. I'll be taking the powder out of the bottom and putting it in a different container for sure.
Pros: pretty color
Cons: doesn't work, can't clean brush, seems like my money was spent more on the intricate container than a quality product.

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